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A/2 TWIN; ($13.00) 1/2A Twin profile kitted by Dmeco. 26" span, 175 sq.in. Hal Debolt design. 1949.

ALL AMERICAN, DMECO; ($14.00) Little brother to the All American, Sr. OT design. Kit Plans. 36" span 300 sq.in.

ALL AMERICAN, JR: ($13.00)Dmeco's 1/2A stunt-trainer. 26" span, 140 sq.in. Kit plans.

ALL AMERICAN, SR, DMECO; ($14.00) Large OT stunter by Hal Debolt. 51" span, 510 sq.in. Popular at OT Stunt contests.

BABY BARNSTORMER; ($13.00) 1/2A Barnstormer. 28.5" span. 118 sq.in. Kit plans.

BARNSTORMER; ($ 15.00) Lew Andrew's classic-old-time stunter. 47" span, 470 sq. in. Guillow kit plans.

BLACK TIGER; ($14.00) 45-1/2 " span, 460 sq.in. Robert W. Elliott design basis for the Berkeley P-40. 1952 Jr. Nats winner. Pampa OTS legal. AT 2/53

BOX CAR CHIEF; ($14.00) Rick's Model Kit, 1947. Rubber banded high wing Stunter. Box Fuselage. 42" span, 385 sq.in.

CHIEF, VECO; ($18.00) 51" span, 585 sq.in.pollywog airfoil. OT legal.1951

COMBAT SKY BOX; ($14.00) F&B Combat kits 36" span, 206 sq.in. Box fuselage. OT Stunt legal. 1952. CAD Drawing. Orig. kit Price $2.95

CURTISS SWIFT: ($13.00) Semi-scale P-31 OT stunter. 48" span, 475 sq.in.1950. Miske plans.

DEMON, ($14.00) Hearn's Hobbies; 41" span, 370 sq. in. Box Fuselage, Good flyer with smaller engines. OT stunt legal

EL DIABLO; ($14.00) 47" span 470 sq.in. strange looking OT stunter that flies very competitively.

FLIP FLOP; ($14.00) Old Time legal flying wing by Ray Borden from the 12/48 FM. 37" wingspan, 298 sq.in. wing area. Originally powered by a Drone Diesel.

FLYING CLOWN; ($13.00) PDQ profile kit that has become popular in racing. 27.5" span, 200 sq.in.. CAD plans 1950 Matt Kania design

GALLOPING COMEDIAN; ($18.00) Red Reinhardts old-time design. Should be a good flier. 48" span, 480 sq.in. No flaps. Round fuselage. Mag plans.

GO_DEVIL; ($14.00) Bob Palmer 1949 Stunt design. 52-3/4" Span, 570 sq.in. Kit plans.

GUIDED WHISTLE: ($14.00) 50" span 520 sq.in straight wing, full fuselage OT stunter. Walton Hughes AT 5/50 plans.

GYRATOR; ($14.00) Harry Williamson design. 42" span, 415 sq. in. Full fuse, upright engine. 28" long. 10-52 MAN plans.

HOTTER'N'THAT; ($14.00) William Shrader's combat-stunt model from MAN 4-52. 42" span, 420 sq.in. Box fuselage, side mount, 25" length. Legal for Old-Time stunt.

HUMONGOUS; ($14.00) Full-fuse OTS Stunter. Upright engine, designed for ignition .60s. 54" span, 625 sq.in. 1949. Ted Snow design.

JOKER: ($14.00) Hank Bourgeois' 1948 Stunter. 50" span, 490 sq.in. Stick constructed box fuselage, straight wing. Upright engine. Mag plans

LANCET; ($14.00)Vic Carpenter's box fuselage combat/stunt design. 38" span, 322 sq.in wng area. Also OT stunt legal. Designer's plans, 1951

LIL ABNER; ($14.00) British flapped stunter by A.E. Burch. Side mount 3.5cc engines. Full fuselage. AeroModeller 7-52 plans. 36" span, 300 sq.in.

MARS; ($14.00) OT design by Bob Palmer. Twin tail, flapped design. Side mount engine. 49" span, 490 sq.in. MAN 9-52 plans.

MINI ZILCH; ($12.00) Berkeley's tiniest Zilch. 19.5" wing span, 93 sq.in. Designed by Jim Saftig for Torp .020 in 1949. Orig. kit price $1.25

NOBLER, ; ($14.00)George Aldrich original Nobler, 50" span, 550 sq.in. MAN plans. PAMPA Old-Time legal. Winner 1952 Nats.

P-51 MUSTANG; ($14.00) Sterling's famous profile kit that sent their reps around the country demonstrating combat against their YAK-9. 38" span, 318 sq.in. Flaps. Designed by Matt Kania.CAD Plans. Orig. kit price $2.95

P-51 MUSTANG; ($14.00) Matt Kania's little known contribution to PDQ, slightly predating the Sterling version. No flaps, profile with a 36" span and 247 sq.in wing area. One of the first "designed-for-combat" kits. Original kit price $2.95. 1952. CAD Plans

RINGMASTER; ($14.00) The original Ringmaster. 39" span, 340 sq.in. Box fuselage, upright engine, rectangular wing. Harry Williamson design. 1950

RINGMASTER S1; ($14.00)Sterling's most famous model. 42" winspan, 384 sq.in. Profile. OT stunt legal. CAD plans. 1952

SECRET WEAPON: ($13.00) OT Profile stunter designed for the Drone diesel. 38" span, 259 sq.in. 1948. Miske plans

SENIOR MONITOR; (15.00) English flapless full fuselage stunter for .45s, 55.5" span, 610 sq.in. Drawn by John Perry. GB OT legal. AeroModeller plans.

SHARPY; (14.00) OT full fuselage stunt machine. 47" span, 517 sq.in. F&B kit plans enlarged to full size. Designed by Carl Malmsten, 1950. Orig kit price $4.95

SMOOTHIE ($14.00) Famous Bob Palmer design. 52" span, 520 Sq.in. flapped stunter OT legal. MAN Plans

SQUAW II; ($13.00) Joe Wagner's 1951 prototype for Veco first edition Squaw. 38.5" span, 346 sq.in. Wagner plans. Original kit price $5.75

SPACE KAYDET: ($13.00) AKA SPACE MASTER, Jr., Sterling's rare S4 .049-.099 full fuselage kit. A nice looking model that would be a killer for Leprechaun stunt. 23.6" wingspan, 150 sq.in. 1952. CAD plans. Orig Kit price $2.25

SPORTWING; ($13.00) 36" span, 240 sq.in, forward swept wing from 1949. Box fuselage. Dmeco Kit CAD plans. 1949

STINGER; ($18.00) Dale Kirn's V-tail stunter kitted by F&B, 48" span, 480 sq.in. Dale Kirn plans. OT legal.

STUKA STUNT ($14.00) 47" Span, 475 sq. in. Don Still's flapped, semi-scale(?) stunt ship. Original winner of 1952 Plymouth Internats. Original AAM plans, 1952. OT Legal

STUNT ACE ($14.00) Built-up profile OT stunter. 40" span, 275 sq.in. Kit plans by Scientific. 1947. Orig kit price, $3.50

STUNT ROCKET; ($14.00) A rocket ship shaped stunt machine from the OTS days. No Flaps Drop off gear. 53" span, 572 sq.in. Walt Musciano design. AT 7-51 plans

STUNT WAGON: ($14.00) Hal DeBolt's classic stunter from 1948, 58" span, 667 sq.in. for .45-.60 engines. Kit plans w/ribs

STUNT WAGON 30; ($14.00) Smaller Stunt Wagon for .35s by Hal DeBolt. 44" span, 375 sq.in. Kit plans, 1949

SUPER CLOWN: ($14.00) PDQ's flapped profile OT stunter. 38" span, 350 sq.in. CLC kit plans

SUPER DUPER ZILCH; ($14.00) Full-fuse OTS Stunter. Upright engine, designed for ignition .60s. 54" span, 625 sq.in. 1949. Jim Saftig design. Berkeley plans.

TRIXTER INVERT, Sr; ($18.00)(2 shts) Lew Andrews' 1948 Stunter. 47" span, 420 sq.in. wing area. Side mount, Built up profile. Removable landing gear. Kit Plans

TRIXTER PROFILE B-C; ($14.00) Lew Andrews' 1948 International Stunt Champion. 38" span, 350 sq.in. wing area. Side mount profile. Kit Plans

TRIXTER TWIN PROFILE A-B ($18.00) Lew Andrew's twin engine (.19-.29), twin boom profile stunter. 47" span. 382 sq.in. Kit Plans

TRIUMPHANT; ($14.00) George Lieb's 1949 Stunter. Box fuse, open cockpit. 42" span, 360 sq.in. 12/49 Air Trails plans.

VAMPIRE; ($14.00) 40" span, 353 sq.in. Full fuselage. F-B kit that's designed for early day combat, OT stunt legal. Similar to the Zilch XPENDABLE. CAD Plans. 1951

VENUS; ($14.00) Bob Palmer's semi-scale Lockheed Altair.48" span, 508 sq.in. FM 10-52 Mag plans. OT Legal.

WEE DUPER ZILCH; ($13.00) Berkeley's .074-.099 full fuse stunter. One of the long line of Zilches. Flies great with a .8-1cc PAW. 33.5" span, 240 sq.in. Kit Plans.

WOODCHOPPER; ($13.00) Amcraft kit Small Profile, 28" span, 217 sq. in. 1950 Vintage. CAD plans

YAK-9; ($14.00) Sterling's famous profile kit that sent their reps around the country demonstrating combat against their Mustang. 40" span, 323 sq.in. Flaps. Designed by Matt Kania. CAD Plans. 1952, Orig. kit price $2.95

YOYO ($14.00) Twin boom, Center pod. 43.5" span, 425 sq.in. 1948 design. Good flyer. Original Rick's kit price $5.50

ZILCH, PEEWEE (13.00); Jim Saftig's forerunner to the Wee Duper Zilch with the earlier thin wing. 32" span, 193 sq.in. Berkeley kit plans. 1948. Orig kit price $2.50

ZILCH X ($14.00) One of the best of the Zilches. 49" span, 580 sq.in. PAMPA OT legal. Not GSCB. Mag Plans, 2/52



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